Emlid M2 camera option missing after Firmware 30.1

Firmware 30.1

Firmware 29

Camera options are missing from new firmware update how can i roll back or where can i get old firmware file.


Hi Usama,

Reach Firmware 30.1 doesn’t have the Camera control interface anymore, indeed. Now, you can only check the time of the last recorded time mark which helps you to ensure that everything works correctly.

Currently, it’s not possible to roll back to the previous stable firmware version. We recommend triggering the camera using autopilot or the timelapse feature.

Can you please elaborate more on how you used this functionality in your setup? Is there a particular reason you don’t use autopilot or timelapse instead?

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Can the camera option be integrated again?

Just noticed this on the update to 30.1

We were using this on a Fixed wing RC plane to collect aerial imagery for corridor mapping. The plane itself does not have an autopilot onboard as we flew this plane by hand for small missions.

Can this feature be re-instated.

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Hi Sam,

Can you tell me more about how you used the Camera control feature in your setup? Is it possible to use timelapse or triggering via autopilot instead?

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for posting on the forum!

Our recommendation, for now, is to use the functionality of the camera that allows taking a photo at regular intervals. If your camera supports this option, I suggest using it as it’s the easiest and most straightforward way.

Hi! So the pin “Trigger 1” does not have any function now? See specs.
And how comes such a big change is not mentioned in the changelog? Or am I just overseeing it…
The new screen is very empty now. Could you maybe also show the count of received time marks at least?

Hi Marcel,

In the new Reach Panel interface, you can check the time of the last recorded time mark. Our recommendation from now on is to use other methods for camera triggering (autopilot or the camera’s timelapse feature).

Hi Liudmila,

any chance of adding the count of recorded time marks? e.g. since reboot or within the last “continuous block”? It would be useful for those of us using the time mark pin.


Hi Marcel,

I passed it on to the developers so they could think about it. If there’s any news, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

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