Emlid m+ with Pixhawk 2.1 shutter feedback

Hi, I am just looking to sanity check a problem here.

Have been running m+ for a while successfully.

I would like to integrate shutter feedback to the FC (Pixhawk 2.1) which allows the PH to log more precise shutter feedback as well as transmit shutter actuation verification via telem… (basically we can see that the shutter has triggered, as we have flights every now and then where the camera freezes mid flight)

So we cut into the m+ hot shoe cable and linked to pixhawk, setup the recommended parameters in pixhawk but we are not getting shutter feedback to the pixhawk.

To track down where the issue is coming from (hardware or software eg mis-setup in PH)
I would like to double check my wiring…

What I did was tap into the GND and Time mark 1 cables and take these to the PH…

Is this correct?



Further to this I have investigaed further and found that as soon as i connect the servo connector the PH2.1 aux connection it drived the v from 3.3 down to 0v which causes the reach to record one single false shutter event. The PH connection then keeps the voltage held down preventing the system from recognising any actual events…

I have tried this with just the signal connection only to the ph and it still pulls the voltage down… any thoughts?

Hi @hairyape1,

Reach M+ isn’t designed for such type of work. It registers precise time marks for each photo and records them to the raw data log.

I assume that you need to connect the camera to the PixHawk to get shutter feedback to the autopilot.

Yes I want to achieve something like this…


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