Emlid M+ and RS+ PPK mode no Fix

Hi There! I’m using a VTOL Uav paired with a M+ as rover and a RS+ as base on ground. Im getting Problems to get a Fix Solution after processing logs from Rover and Base on PPK mode, most of them are Float and I’m losing time marks during the flight, last time I lost 11 time marks and got just a few Fix points. Attached you willl find Base an Rover configuration, also the logs of my last flight and some pics showig how M+ is mounted. Please give some help!

Hi @fab8030,

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The reason for most similar cases is electronics sources near Reach M+ that produce RF noises and causes missing time marks and poor log’s quality. You can check our docs to learn how to avoid potential interference while placing Reach on the VTOL.

But before we draw any conclusions, I’d take a look at the raw data logs from the base and the rover to ensure. You can send them via PM since there can be a sensitive data or email us via support@emlid.com.

Thank you for the picture of hardware setup, but I can’t see where exactly Reach is located. Is it locked inside the VTOL? Is it possible to send the photos of its location?

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