Emlid lora without m2 rtk

Hi jp-drain-sol and potatofarmer!

I am referencing your exchanges lora-radio-for-3rd-party-systems highlighting post number 51 when success was declared back in October 2021. I just posted at agopengps (post nbr 27) a related question before I came across your posts! It’s been almost 2 years, so is there an Emlid Lora Bridge dongle I can get hold of (or diy)? I have a RS2, m2 and lora radio and really hoping I can have a minimal setup of RS2 base and lora radio providing RTK correction to the f9p on the micro4.1 agopengps AIO board on the rover side.

Looking forward to your reply. Thx.


Hi Roger,

We usually don’t recommend such custom setups because our LoRa radio is tailored for use with our modules only. It’d be hard to troubleshoot it if you face any issues.

However, as I see from the mentioned thread, @jp-drain-sol and @PotatoFarmer have had some success. So I mentioned them here, just in case.

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