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I’m working for a contractor who install cables with dozers. It’s high voltage electricity cables and fibre cables and tubes for fibre. I was wondering how i could use Emlid for recording the track which the plough goes. There is vibration when this thing is working. I have Emlid Reach RS+ and have been using for quite some time. I was going to use to for mapping trail where cable was installed. However that was not possible due to now timing for point recording or line making. Guess that could be a feature in the app. There is a work around I found which using a GPS app (ArcGIS Collector) and a spoofing app. In theory it seams to work but I haven’t had time to test it out. For the dozing mapping, one unit can be placed on the dozer and maybe another on the plow for accurate mapping of installed cable. Big problem is vibration. Any suggestion how that could be tackled?
I was wondering if people here had some other ideas. Are there any cheap GPS collector solutions out there or GPS apps on Android or IOS?
Also are there any threads here on this forum where people are discussing how EMLID can be used on excavators instead of TOPCON or TRIMBLE receivers?
Thanks guys for hard work and great product! Have a good day all :smiley:

Emlid makes a dampening kit for the RS+

As for mapping, are you wanting location only or location/depth? There are several apps that will record the line location. I am not sure of any free apps that will also record depth. i work with drainage plows, similar but much larger and no vibratory action. (For those that do not know, the thing on top of the plow with the word BRON on it is a vibratory motor. It makes the whole thing vibrate/shake while it is installing the line.) They do this on cable plows as the nose of the plow is short, no lift/heave/fracture like a tile plow. This method leave less of a scar in the soil that the cable was buried. Tile plows can leave a 2 foot heave of soil on top that is 3 feet wide.

If you will be in challenging GPS conditions (trees/buildings) I would recommend the RS2 to maintain fix/accuracy. You could fabricate a similar dampening platform for it

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Thanks for the reply!
What are the apps that you know about?
What kind of machines are you using in drainage plowing? I’m interested in learning more about that because that knowledge is lacking here in Iceland?
Is there a PM feature here?

For the RS+ you will need the vibration dampening mechanism for your application. Otherwise you will get in a lot of trouble.

For the logging of point, you can just set the unit to log in LLH or NMEA at 1 hz, and you’ll have a perfectly nice track.

On a related note, have you checked out https://unicontrol.io/en/homepage ?

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I would recommend something for any receiver GPS or laser. These units are constantly vibrating. Here is a link to a video on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHx89PUBScE
When they zoom in, you get to see how much it is vibrating.

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Agree on that. High amplitude vibes will kill most electronics :confused: the “problem” with the linked product is that that it finely tuned to the weight of the RS+, so it won’t work for the RS in example.

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That is why I said above. there are different methods of making a vibration reducing mount. A lot use a rubber vibration Isolator Mounts like this

Something beats nothing any day in those conditions

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I found these, maybe they could do the job? It can be quite a lot of vibration when its on full power.

If using the RS+, I would go with Emlid’s mount. Excellent design and should minimalize the vibration. The rubber mounts do a decent job but not as good as what Emlid has made.


Hey guys,

the damping platform would probably help to manage vibrations, but it’s out of stock. We don’t sell it anymore. Probably 3rd party vibration mount can help for this application.

@bjon, one unit on the dozer with corrections from base or NTRIP should be enough. You can enable LLH logging for track recording as suggested by @wizprod.

@jp-drain-sol, Thanks for descriptive explanation! :slight_smile:

Do you know any other damping platform like from these guys? https://www.mecanocaucho.com/en/products/anti-vibration-mount/
Having the GPS on the plough would recording of depth and high accuracy of installed cable. There is a cylinder on the plough that dose not vibrate that much. It’s the big one with the black top surface.

Does that “black top surface” move proportionately to the depth of the machine? If not your depth measurements will not be correct.

Yeah that cylinder controls depth for the plough. Movement ration accurate enough, maybe up 5-10cm difference to say something. Just having 10cm height difference on the path is better then “none”.
So I think it’s a good place because this one moves when moving plough left and right. Sure cable will be few centimeters offset against the GPS on the cylinder but that’s fine.

If your looking for the emlid vibration mount I got one that I don’t use any more. I sold my RS+ for RS2

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For real man? Yeah actually I would definitely be interested in that! Is there a way to DM with you here or? I would give you my Whatsapp number
I love this community! Your awesome guys :slight_smile:


Sent you a PM

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