Emlid Flow Version 8.10 Update

I just finished 3 surveys with my RS+ units and Emlid Flow version 8.10. Now, when I click on the project in the Emlid app, it says “Update is required - Current app version is incompatible with this data. To access all functions, update Emlid Flow”. It provides a link to the app store. I click the link and the app is the most current version - 8.10. Also, I can’t access the data to export it - all options are grayed out. Any suggestions, or is an app fix coming? Thanks.

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Even we are facing the same problem

Con la sorpresa que no puedo entrar a la aplicacion y bajar los puntos que levante me pide que actualice la aplicacion y no lo realiza quedo en espera de alguan sugerencia y no peder perde los datos no se actualiza gracias

With the surprise that I cannot enter the application and download the points that I raised, it asks me to update the application and I do not do it. I am waiting for some suggestion and I do not lose the data, it does not update thanks

Hello everyone!

There is indeed an issue with update 8.10 for iOS—projects with certain coordinate systems can’t be opened.

The dev team is already working on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi all,

We pushed the fixed version on Saturday morning, and unfortunately, the fix is still in review by Apple. We’ll update the thread as soon as it’s available for everybody.


I had the same problem today. Luckily I was able to get my data from the Emlid Flow 360 web version.

The update is out! The version stays the same—8.10.


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