Emlid Flow - Survey (paid license) Linework / Basemaps


Sorry if this has been asked already; I’m struggling to find info on this, but with the paid subscription to Emlid Flow. Can you import basic line geometry to stake out, and can you import OS MAps as a base layer?



DXF or SHP will do it fine.



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Hi @lev,

Just wanted to add a few notes to Florian’s answer.

You indeed can upload CSV, DXF, or SHP projects with lines and stake them out. Here are the guides that can help you with it:

At the moment, Emlid Flow doesn’t support WMS layers. But we have such a feature request on the roadmap. And I’ll note your +1 for it.


Hey guys,

Just wanted to say that we’ve added WMS layers in one of our latest Emlid Flow updates. So they are now available in the Survey plan. And here is a guide on how to work with them.

If you get a chance to try it out, we would love to hear your feedback!