Emlid Flow Subscription Issues

I subscribed to the free trial to the Survey Plan on the Emlid Flow 360 website.

However, on the Emlid Flow android app the features are still locked and sends me to the sign-up page where it the yellow button doesn’t load and just has the “spinning circle”.

I am signed in with the same account on the website as on the app. The jobs sync fine but the android app doesn’t register that I have signed up for the plan.
Screenshot 2023-01-13 141858

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I am having simlar issues on iOS. Attempting to start the free trial just results in a spinning circle.

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Hi guys,

Are the Survey features available in Emlid Flow 360? Have you tried to log out of your account on a mobile device and log in again?

If it doesn’t help, please share the email addresses used to subscribe to the trial. You can send them to me in PM. We’ll check what can be wrong.

This resolved for me. I tried logging into my account online again and checking my subscription status. Worked after that.

Hi Alexander,

Glad to know! Thanks for the update.

This also worked for me thanks!

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