Emlid Flow - Questions about new features


I had a couple of questions regarding the new features of Emlid Flow:

  1. Can linework be exported and then imported as a break line in C3D, and is importing linework separate to a CSV or txt file? Meaning would I have to import the linework as a separate file type?

  2. Can you stake out an offset from a predefined line? For example, if I drew a line in the app (connecting 2 known points) could I then stake out an offset at a specified distance left or right of the drawn line? Or would I have to approximate the offset by walking to a point close to where I wanted?

I’m very excited to try out the new Survey features and I really appreciate the effort that went into these additions.



Hi Jacob,

There are two ways how you can bring the linework into C3D.
Option 1 - export .dxf with all the lines from Flow or Flow 360. It requires less setup, but this way all your linework will have the same style, no matter which code you choose. This method requires zero setup, but is less efficient for real work.

Option 2 - configure a code library in C3D and upload it into Flow 360. This way both C3D end Emlid Flow, used in the field will “speak” the same codes. After the fieldwork is done, export a .csv from the Emlid Flow or Flow 360 and bring it into C3D. C3D will create all the linework and will style it according to the configuration of the code library.

You can see the offset in real-time on the screen when staking a line.

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