Emlid flow not connecting to RS2

I have 2 units of Reach RS2 i bought two years ago now though i never set them up because the job for which i got them never happened. Recently i decided to start using them but i can see my devices on the Emlid Flow and the devices don’t connect with network on my android phone(Samsung, Doggee and ViviY35).
What am i not doing correctly pls?

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Hi Macdonald Yalaju,

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Let’s check if you can connect to the Reach Panel. To connect, please type the Reach IP address into the browser. When Reach is in hotspot mode, the IP will be Your Reach and PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

We advise checking if the mobile data and battery optimization options are turned off for Android devices.

Our receivers also offer the option to connect via Bluetooth. This option is in closed Beta for Android.

To activate it on the Emlid Flow app:

  • Tap on the profile icon in the bottom right corner about ten times (until the menu appears).
  • After you activate the BLE switch, please reopen Emlid Flow and give the app Bluetooth permissions (it will ask for location permissions on Android).
  • Once you’ve activated the switch, the Reach will be available via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the Receivers tab.

Could you provide the network led status on your device?

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