Emlid Flow localization on the IPAD version 9.4

I am currently subsicribed to the survey version or Emilid Flow. I collected 3 points today to try an localize to our surveyors site that they sent me. I do not seem to see the localization function on the IPAD app. I brought up the same file on my Samsung 22 ultrla phone Emlid app and was able to localize? What am I doing wrong on the IPAD?


When you first open up your project, swipe up the lower panel (below the Blue +) and you will see “Project Localization” below “Coordinate System”.


Hi Jeff,

Could you please send your Emlid account’s email address to us at support@emlid.com? We would check your account to see what could be the source of this.

Jeff! We’ve released the 9.5 version of Emlid Flow for iOS. Could you please update the app and check if the issue still persists?

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