Emlid Flow: EPSG 7801

  1. Emlid Flow app version 9.12
  2. The name and parameters of the coordinate system : EPSG 7801 (BGS2005/CCS2005)
  3. Detailed issue description: The coordinate system is available in the app. The system is not available when you try to create a new project with Emlid Flow 360.
  4. The temporary solution: Create a project in the app, open the created project with Emlid Flow 360, use the full functionality of Emlid Flow 360.

Emlid, please add the EPSG:7801 coordinatte system in Emlid Flow 360.

Hi Ivan,

The reason for this is that we use our own coordinate systems registry in Emlid Flow 360. I see that the BGS2005/CCS2005 coordinate system is available in Emlid Flow but hasn’t been added to our registry. Hence, you don’t see it in Emlid Flow 360.

I’ve registered your feature request to add the EPSG:7801 coordinate system in Emlid Flow 360. Once I have any news on it, I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, you can create new projects using Emlid Flow as a workaround.

Thank you EMLID team,
The coordinate system is available in the latest release of Emlid Flow 360 as many other improvements.


Hi Ivan,

Yep, we’ve added BGS2005/CCS2005 support to our registry. Glad to hear that it works great for you. Thanks for your feedback!