Emlid flow crash at opening


I’m currently on the field and can’t launch emlid flow… The app opens for a split second and crashes immediately. The app worked fine until now. No changes on the phone whatsoever (Crosscall action X3, Android 7.1.2). I updated the app, then reinstalled, with no success.

Any clue about what’s going on?

Thx by advance for your feedback…

Hi Thomas,

Welcome to our community!

We’re aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the next update of Emlid Flow. This only appears on Android phones older than version 8. So if you need to finish the fieldwork, please use another mobile device on newer versions if it’s available.

Hello Kirill,

And thanks for the quick feedback.
I’m on the field 4 hours drive from office and I didn’t plan to buy a new smartphone right now… Would you have some info about the next version expected release date?

Thx again!

Bonjour Thomas,

I don’t have any timelines so far. Once there are any updates, I’ll let you know for sure!

Thats pretty old. 2017.

Android is at v14.

Yes it is!
I bought my Crosscall in 2014 and those things are tough as hell… Never changed any part, not even the battery.
Anyway everything was working fine till now, even with this old Android version. I had to buy a new smartphone in order to finish my missions, and just because of Emlid Flow compatibility, which is a bit disappointing :unamused:

Bonjour Thomas,

We’ve rolled out the hotfix in Google Play. Please update the app and check if it works for you.

Hello Kirill,

Thanks a lot for your update. I’ll try the hotfix, but as I said, I have now bought a new smartphone, so my problem has been kind of “force-resolved”. This might still remain useful for other users though.


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