Emlid Flow bug (I think)

  1. Firmware image (Reach M2, latest upgrade) and Emlid Flow version. (10.2) on Android 12 OnePlus Nord N20 5G (CPH2459) os and software up-to-date
  2. When a recorded data log is downloaded, on the second download the resulting zip file will be twice as large as the first download. The third download of the same recorded log will be three times as large, and so on.
  3. a) Connect to M2 via WiFi, b) Select the correct receiver from the “Receivers” list, c) Select “Logging”, d) Select “Recorded logs and settings”, e) Select the down arrow of a log file, f) save in selected app, f) Select the down arrow of same log file as step e above, save in selected app.

Changing the saving app has no effect, same problem. Killing Flow and restarting has no effect.

Hi @kcrossen,

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First, please check if the behaviour remains the same after updating Emlid Flow to the latest version (10.5). Let’s also check if it happens after downloading the files from Reach Panel.

If you unzip the archives, do you have the same files even in the case of the larger archives?

Yes, Emlid Flow gives its version as 10.2, but if I go to Play Store, the current version is listed as 10.5 but with no Update button. Trying to pin down this bug, there was never an update button displayed even when there is an update.

Have never used “Reach Panel” (browser interface).

When the doubled or tripled file is opened, it contains the same data. Its just bloated.

I will uninstall and try again with 10.5.

One idea. Since there must be some state preserved somewhere for this to happen, there must be some variables/memory that is not “forgotten” or reinitialized when Emlid Flow starts fresh.


Tried again with Emlid Flow 10.5, same problem. One improvement however, the older version would sometimes overwrite the initial downloaded file. Version 10.5 makes files xxx (1).zip, xxx (2).zip, etc.

Addendum: xxx (1).zip is about 900KB, xxx (2).zip is about 1.8MB, etc.

Hi @kcrossen,

Thank you for testing it with Emlid Flow 10.5! I also reproduced this behaviour and passed it on to our developers. If there’s an update, I’ll post it here.