Emlid Flow app issues

We use an RS2 unit and and an android phone to collect points.
the Emlid Flow app has become useless after using for over 2 months without any issues at all. I was very happy with new version.
The issue is that when collecting points, it will not update the next point number plus my code list seem to disappear. I have to get out of the screen and come back to the new point screen so it will show the next point number. Plus my code list seems to disappear as well. We are a very busy surveying company and can not afford to have those issues. We collect thousands of point and as you could imagine a hiccup like that is not acceptable.
If anyone from Emlid has a solution this problem, let me know.

Hi Eddie,

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I’ve received your email and just answered you there. Let’s continue our discussion that way to avoid confusion.