Emlid Flow advance datum transformation

Is it possible to create custom datum transformation using ntv2 gsb file and geoid grid file? Or is it possible to create 7p+datum grid shift transformation?

Hi @geognss,

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Currently, we don’t have the feature to upload grid and geoid files in Emlid Flow. However, you can set up a custom CS if you know its parameters.

The app supports Molodensky (7 transformation parameters) and Molodensky-Badekas (10 transformation parameters) transformations. You can also select one of the Geoid models that we support for your custom CS.

You can read more about it here.


Unfortunately 7P or 10P transformation doesn’t provide sufficient accuracy for larger areas. It would be nice if you could implement e.g. 7P+shift grid in the future. I can help you. Does Emlid Flow support 1021-1027 rtcm coordinate transformation massages?

I understand how uploading a shift grid + specifying transformation parameters for your custom CS can be essential to your workflow. I’ll pass this on to the devs for consideration.

Does Emlid Flow support 1021-1027 RTCM3 coordinate transformation massages?

We currently do not support these RTCM3 messages in Emlid Flow. We’re collecting such requests for consideration, and I’ve added yours as +1.

I’ll let you know once there are any updates on your requests!