Emlid Flow 9.11

What are the new features in the emlid Flow 9.11 version?

Hi @sara.aguiar,

The latest update includes the following:

  • Ability to create or edit lines. Please note that editing codes of points within a line is not yet available.
  • The Line Info screen now provides more information about each segment of a line.
  • Fix that should resolve the issue that caused point duplication in the collector tool

The latest version is now available in the Google Play store and Apple Store. Thank you!


Direction of line is shown in degrees and decimals of a degree eg 279.33455???
Why would it be displayed that way!! I have never read a deed or saw on a survey plan a direction defined in that manner. The proper display would be degrees minute and seconds!!
Please enlighten me on the rationale behind that decision… This definitely has to change!!


Hi @kencormier.nsls,

Apologies for the radio silence here. As I see, Egor has already replied to you in the other thread and explained the rationale behind the angular units in the Stakeout plate.

We’re continually improving Emlid Flow to give you the best user experience, so please stay tuned for the upcoming improvements and updates in the app. Again, thanks for your support and valuable feedback!


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