Emlid flow 9.11 directions

Direction of line is shown in degrees and decimals of a degree eg 279.33455???
Why would it be displayed that way!! I have never read a deed or saw on a survey plan a direction defined in that manner. The proper display would be degrees minute and seconds!!
Please enlighten me on the rationale behind that decision… This definitely has to change!!

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Maybe better as a configuration option? I know DMS is traditional and well loved, but I personally much prefer to work in a cleaner pure decimal.
Our older plans here are magnetic so the documented angle is moot anyway and subsequent declination & adjustments are simpler in decimal.


I have to agree with @kencormier.nsls, I’ve never used any field software that displays decimal format for directions, i.e. direction bearings. This is coming from a registered land surveyor that has used the first office computers in 1977 (TRS-80) and the world’s first handheld calculator in 1972, the HP35. Even then, the HP35 had a DMS/DEC, DEC/DMS conversion function

Basically it’s either lazy programming or lack of knowledge in the design of Emlid’s software for land surveyors, however it’s probably the latter. There should be an option menu for this and other issues.


Emlid just needs to provide selectable options. Simple as that. This is standard stuff.

Better yet, just use full fledged professional 3rd party survey software that is well established and matured. Time is money.

Emlid needs to focus on their great hardware and its great price point. I feel like L5 and remote laser distancing EDM features (ToF) combined with TILT for dense canopy is late compared to their competition. If they can implement full survey software too in-house or partnership, then great… but its got to be difficult to provide the survey software side too.


I agree and I do too… but really it should be a selectable /toggle choice just as for units and coordinate systems.

Where are we seeing the directions to 5 decimal places? My 9.11 azimuth still shows 1 decimal.

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Hi all, Egor here from the development team. Thank you for sharing your frustration.

The rationale behind us releasing it like this is simple. We want to release features as soon as they’re ready to be used, even if it means they won’t be perfect for everybody. I believe that it’s much better to share things right away, better than a working tool being unreleased and bringing zero value to our users.

Frankly, proper support for DMS and ft/inch units is long overdue in Flow, and we understand that. Over the next few months, we’ll have several big improvements released, units support being one of them. Reading your post made me realize that we should have used a different order, so we’ll try to shift things around a bit. It’s always easy to see in hindsight.

Anyway, thank you for using Flow, and for providing feedback. We’ll do our best to adjust.


Thanks for the update. I agree with your hindsight comment, however just because you may want to get things out quicker to users, it may often lead users to question the thought process behind the development of the program. I assumed that the focus of flow should be on the surveying profession, and in my part of the world surveyors only use DMS!
Hopefully your team will address these issues quickly.

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