Emlid flow 9.11 crash when staking along line + bubble refresh rate drops after a few minutes

As the title says, the app will just crash when staking along a line.

My impression it is something to do with the time it takes to reach the target point on the field. It wont happen when finding the point along the line takes a few seconds, it is quite easy the app will crash when you need to walk 50-100 m along the line).

Also, the issue with refresh rates I reported some time ago still persist. After 10-15 minutes staking on the field, the position of the bubble refreshes less frequently. Restarting the app (no changes in the base or rover) will solve it.


Hi Fernando,

Sorry it’s so silent here!

Please share a screencast of the issue. And what are your phone model and its OS version?

Could you please provide a screencast demonstrating this behavior as well?

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