Emlid Flow 8.7 Base shift issue

RS2 unit - firmware 30.1
Corrections over ntrip - I don’t want to post the system report publicly please reach out via email if need.

Emlid Flow App Version 8.7

Since the iPhone app has updated to version 8.7 on may 15th we have lost the ability to base shift.

The base shift does not apply after setting the measured point + known point + apply base shift

looking for options to roll back the flow app to the previous version

Is anyone else experiencing this issue ?

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I am having the same issues

Hi Julian and Kevin,

Thanks for reporting!

We found the source of the issue with the base shift functionality on this release. The devs are looking into it. I’ll keep you posted.

Hi there,

I’m back with the news! The issue was fixed and it’s already available with the latest update of the Emlid Flow in the App Store.