Emlid Edge with UGCS Pro flight planner

Dear Emlid users,
i´m new with the Emlid Edge FC and i wish to know which connections i must use in UGCS Pro when i need to fly with this Edge Controller?
PX4 or Ardupilot/Pixhawk?
Is that necessary to use QGround Control software too or at the same time?
Has someone use this UGCS mission planning software?
Or is it enough to use the QGround Control software for photogrammetry missions?
Generally, when i fly a photogrammetry mission, i need for each photo, the geo data parameters, like longitude, latitude, height, direction, roll and pitch values. Where are this parameters stored and how can i download or access this log files after each mission?
Thanks you very much!

Hi Fred,

Edge runs ArduPilot software, so you need the second option.

Yes, it’s possible to plan missions with QGC as well. Check “Plan” article in QGC docs.

For photogrammetry missions, synchronization with a camera is required. It isn’t possible to integrate Edge internal GNSS receiver with a camera.

It’s a common practice to install the Reach M+ RTK unit as a second GNSS receiver on Edge. Please examine PPK for UAV mapping part of our docs to get more information about the workflow.

Note, that for centimeter precision Reach M+ needs to get corrections from local Reach RS+ base station or from CORS/NTRIP service.

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