Emlid Edge WiFi Connection

Hi, I am trying to connect my Edge controller to my laptop however I only have one WiFi module. Is it possible to connect to the Edge without requiring a second WiFi module connected to my computer ?

I have attempted to connect to the Edge with only the one WiFi module. I am able to connect via my phone however there is no internet access, and when I try to connect on my laptop there appears to be internet access but I am told that I ‘can’t connect to this network’.

Additionally, when I connect the Edge to a power source, after the WiFi led has turned blue, the status led changes from white to constant flashing orange/yellow. I have referred to this document: https://docs.emlid.com/edge/led-status/ , but unlike the two fast blinks in succession for ‘pre-arm checks failure’ , the flashing is constant.


I have put in 3 wi-fi, and Reachview ask for more! qurious!

Hi @hollywhitehouse,

If the laptop you want to use for GCS supports 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi connection, you can connect it to Edge Wi-Fi network without using the second Wi-Fi module. Otherwise, you need to connect the second module to your laptop.

May I ask you to share a video of LED behavior?

Hi @tatiana.andreeva , thanks for your help.

I have attached a link to the video showing how the LED changes after I’ve connected the Emlid Edge to a power supply: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HH6asrnfqc8ZHRuv7 .

When I connect the wifi module to my laptop the blue LED on the module blinks quickly. When I connect it to my edge the blue LED blinks slowly.


May I ask you to share a photo of how you connect everything to Edge as well?

Does Edge create a Wi-Fi network? Can you connect to it from your laptop with QGC?


I’ve attached a photo of how I set up the Edge.

The Edge appears to create a WiFi network. I am able to connect to it on my phone however there is no internet, and I am unable to load any information when I input the IP address into my browser. The network is detected on my laptop when I set my preferred band to 5GHz, however I am unable to connect to it.

I have been unable to get the QGC to detect the Edge apart from for firmware updates.


Have you connected the second Alfa Wi-Fi module to your laptop?


Unfortunately I don’t have access to a second Wi-Fi module as the company I’m working for can’t find it.


I have attempted to connect the edge to another laptop directly. The QGC software now appears to be detecting the edge.

Thanks for your help.

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