Emlid Edge - Video receiving using GStreamer

I am using Emlid Edge as the autopilot and Q-GCS as the software to control my Quad -Copter. I am able to get Video Streaming on Q-GCS through Emlid Edge.

Now, I want to use GStreamer for receiving video stream . My question is-

Is it possible to receive the video stream using GStreamer ? If yes, kindly provide me with all the setting details needed for configuration and if any document available kindly refer.

Thanks & Regards,
Rakshita Parihar

Hi @rsparihar10,

GStreamer is already used in Edge for delivering the video.

You can ssh to Edge and use information from this guide to configure video streaming with your requirements.

Note that for Edge you should use raspivid -cs 0.

Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Actually, I need to do video processing (which is received in Q-GCS) in my custom application. For that I need to receive video on the same machine on which my Q-GCS is running.
Kindly, suggest me the solution to receive the video through GStreamer on the same machine and also please, provide all command details which I have to use in GStreamer command line.
If it is not possible using GStreamer than please provide me some other solution for receiving video.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @rsparihar10,

Unfortunately, I only can provide you with a direction you should move, not with step-by-step actions.

You should start with the guide I’ve shared above. It describes the workflow of GStreamer configuration. All you need is to figure out what should be changed to stream the video to your custom application.

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