EMLID data to work in TBC (Trimble Business Center)

Is it possible to use EMLID file log (csv) from the rover and the and the obs files from the base to work in TBC ? When I upload the rover data into TBC intead of having multiple points I only get one point then it is impossible to compute base lines.

The only solution I have in mind is to use the Emlid-Studio program and for each file of the rover, then one by one create independent rinex files (obs+nav). The problem arises when I have more than 10 points!

Any ideas?

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I have never used TBC as I am on the Ag side of Trimble.

Is it similar to the Ag side in you have to create a Benchmark before doing any point reading?

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Emlid Studio


Hi Marcelo,

I don’t think TBC can extract points from ReachView 3 CSV. But why don’t you use the Stop&Go feature in Emlid Studio? Maybe I got you wrong, but it looks like exactly what you need.

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Hello Marcelo,
I did a little tutorial a few weeks ago on how to ppk with Emlid Studio using a Stop & Go feature maybe it can help you.


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