Emlid Cloud and Caster for Organizations

With the introduction of the RX and our efforts to start setting up our own CORS network we are ready for the next phase of this journey of trying to get GNSS in the hands of our field supervisors. I have in my head how I think it should work but wanted to start a thread encompassing mass deployments and management.

We have done the testing and Emlid Cloud is one of those solutions that you just have to put out there are dial in. There’s no sense in setting up an elaborate access scheme and storage protocols because we have no idea what is actually going to work best as a compromise across the board when segregating data.

In the end we have 8 initial deployments to our excavation team and 30 deployments company-wide. The first task is how to segregate the data and isolate it to specific users. Some of this is going to rely on feature requests so I hope the Engineers are ready.

What would be your preferred method of deploying and managing the data. Because Emlid Cloud doesn’t have a formal groups and permissions function I am either going to manage the data in mass expecting the users to type in their job#/name in order to find their projects. We have 35 concurrent projects. We also have bidding/estimating, control/drone and testing data that not everyone else needs to see but we’re just starting and a little cleanup will get us started. The other option is to create an account for each person which is great on their end but a nightmare on our end because we would have to login to each user’s profile to load, archive and update projects.

The next piece is the lack of layering points. Our excavation supervisors are responsible for coordinating all Civil data so they need 4-5 scopes of work which obviously can’t be lumped into one Reachview project.

The last effort is predicated upon the timing of linework so we look forward to working with you all in efforts to bring this product to an Enterprise level solution.

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Hi Michael,

All your requests sound absolutely fair to me. I even don’t know what to say more here cause I agree that big projects requires separation: whether we’re talking about different groups with different permissions or data separation by different layers.

Emlid Cloud was launched quite recently and, of course, we have a lot of plans for this product. One day it will have the infrastructure that will simplify working on enterprise projects. But it can hardly be implemented right now, because there are still some basic features, that should be supported at first. After that, we’ll take a look at more advanced functionality.

Still, the requests are welcome as early as now. So, if anyone else has similar experience, don’t hesitate to share!


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