Emlid Caster with AgOpenGPS Base and Rover

I am using Emlid Caster with my AgOpenGPS Base Station and Rover and am not able to maintain online status, Mount Point MP15123 848wgh. Sometimes I can stay online and get my RTK corrections fine in the tractor for 2 hours but usually my connection only lasts about 40 minutes. When I get the Offline indication I power down my Base station and then repower it and will get back online again, but never longer than a few hours. While it shows online I get RTK perfectly to my Rover. I am 75 year old newbie to this and my knowledge is limited. My Base station is “standard” Agopengps F9P with USP32. My rover is also a F9P working thru a Surface Pro and using my AT&T hotspot. The system works well except for randomly dropping my online status to offline. Please advise how to correct…Thanks

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Hi @barjs49,

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Can you check if the receivers will go offline with another Wi-Fi network? You mentioned AT&T hotspot. Is it possible to check with a Wi-Fi connection, not a SIM card?

Turns out it was one of the 100s of F9P settings…after a bunch of u-center trial and error it is now stable…it was stable last fall when we used it so i don’t know why some settings changed…thanks for your reply.

Thank you for updating! I’m glad to hear it’s working.