Emlid Caster w/ Mavic 3E - Is a base station needed?

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I have been using a Emlid RS2+ with M3E as part of my surveying workflow. Previously, I used OnePoint Navigation to get my NTRIP account. I used my RS2+ on a pole as a rover to capture the locations of my ground control points. With this, I was able to get a FIX, so I was satisfied. On the Mavic 3E, I also connected it to the same NTRIP account and used my drone as a rover with the NTRIP account sending corrections directly to the drone.

I have just discovered Emlid Caster, which I wish I had understood was provided sooner. However, all the documentation appears to suggest I need to set my RS2+ as a base station and have my Mavic 3E as a rover connected to that base station. Is that required?

Can I not just use Emlid Caster with my RS2+ and M3E as a rover, similar to my original workflow?

The Emlid Caster is not an NTRIP provider like you had.
Emlid Caster is practically a server that you send your base station’s corrections and then your rover or drone can receive these corrections. You must have your base station running in order to send the corrections to the Mavic via Emlid Caster.


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@vgo195 is right. Emlid Caster isn’t an NTRIP service that provides correction. Emlid Caster can be used as a tool for transmitting corrections from your base to your rover over NTRIP. Here’s the article that covers this topic in more detail.

If you’ve already determined an accurate position on your site with the NTRIP service, you can place your base over that point and send the correction to your drone via Emlid Caster. In this way, you wouldn’t have to rely on the NTRIP service.


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