Emlid Caster, Set your own Mount Point name?

Is it possible at all to set your own mount point name for the Emlid caster? I have a situation where the software will not allow me to enter the mount point provided by Emlid and forces you to select one of their own choosing.

Hi @madpuma13,

Not now, but we will have it in some way in the future.

Which software do you use? Maybe it’d be better to reach out to their support and ask whether they are going to change the situation.

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Also, if using a Android device, and the software accepts all the characters but your keyboard doesn’t offer the option, you may need to change your default keyboard. If you do a search on the forum for default keyboard, it will bring up several instances where users could not put in a negative value as their keyboard didn’t have the minus sign. They explain about installing another keyboard to correct the problem

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