EMLID Caster Pro - VRS solution

Is it possible to create a VRS solution to achieve better 3D position quality on our Leica machine control excavators.

We have around 4 base stations on Emlid Caster Pro, around 20-30km apart and was hoping that a VRS solution; taking an average position from all bases, would result in a more stable and accurate RTK connection opposed to using just one nearest base station?

Does EMLID Caster pro support the VRS option?



VRS positions change with the location of the rover when using an RTN service

There’s no fixed VRS position.

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Emlid caster does not support VRS generation. Actually it requires a huge processing power and very high level algorithms one cannot get quite easily. It would be quite an impressive step forward however.


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I agree with @Florian. The Emlid Caster Pro doesn’t support the VRS option. We’ll add it to our internal feature request list.