Emlid Caster Offline

Having an internet connection, and having right open ports are two different things.

The Internet you view usually come from servers using port 80,
so to see a web page you have to connect to a server at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:80
If port 80 is blocked lets say by your router, or by your isp, you will not see any webpages.
But still be “connected to the internet”

Ntrip uses port 2101, so if that port is blocked or not configured right along the way you will have issues as well. But still have internet.

Do you have another phone from a different provider you could try?
Could you get either rover or base to show online on the caster page?

Please send pictures of your Ntrip config pages for both rover and base.

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Its set to port 2101, had another phone with a different service with the same issue. I replied to another thread concerning this, but I had this issue previously when I came from firmware 28.4 to the 29beta. I only upgraded to the 29 firmware just this morning, and I am having the exact same issue as before. If you are confirming the Emlid Caster service is up, chances are its the same firmware related issue on these specific units. I am going to roll back once again and will check back in to confirm whether that solves my issue.

Firewall problems have nothing to do with the Emlid firmware.

Check your router/hub most likely. Also if you are using a router, behind a router the double NAT will cause issues getting the base to the caster.

I set up my permanent base last February, and have noticed no downtime for Emlids caster.

It shouldn’t have to do with aFirewall, I have had these units for 2 years and have been using the NTRIP setting for some time. A base and rover setup, with a 3g sim on the base for longer baselines. My last check will be to fully delete the NTRIP profile and set up a new one and see if that works tomorrow morning.


A good check to see if the caster is online is this forum, if you can talk to someone the caster is up.


If the shared emlid.com domain is down you will have a hard time logging onto either.

If you can log into caster to see your base is not connecting, the caster is definitely up.

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Are you using the IP or the URL?

Today it winked out on me, I was using IP. Switched to URL and back up and going.

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21/09/22 this day there was no service at the address
does not receive corrections. I use it every day. I was offline today. I try different GNSS devices and different internet connection points.

Hi @dbuchanan, @TopSQ,

We had some issues on the Emlid Caster side, which are fixed now. IP address was changed, and it could break the connection.

A note for future: we recommend using caster.emlid.com instead of the IP address. Domain name is always the same.

If it doesn’t help, please let me know. We’ll troubleshoot it further.

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