Emlid caster occassionally unresponsive


We recently began a trial of the emlid caster pro plan, but we’ve been using the emlid caster service for some time. Over the last few weeks, we experience some odd issues where our rover connections began failing simultaneously out of nowhere and found that the remedy was to toggle the connection for our base station on the emlid caster dashboard. It has happened several times now and it is unclear why this keeps happening.

Any ideas or suggestions on why this might be happening?

For context, we run emlid reach rs2+ as our base station and swiftnav piksi ins modules as our rover.

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Hi Stephen,

Do I get it right that you enabled the toggle in the mount points table? If so, such behavior is expected because unless you do this, the rover won’t connect to the mount point.

Otherwise, when you disable this toggle, you won’t be able to assign credentials to the base and connect the rover to it.

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Hi Kirill,

sorry for the delayed response.

To clarify the issue we were experiencing, the toggle was already enabled and the rovers were actively connected and operating for several hours before the rovers are randomly unable to connect to the mount points. After this happens, we would toggle the mount off and then back on in order to allow our rovers to re-connect.

Hi Stephen,

Most likely the base was disconnected from the internet for some reason, so you had to re-enable the toggle.

How do you connect Reach RS2+ base to the internet: via Wi-Fi, a mobile hotspot, or a built-in modem?

built-in modem

If so, please send us the Full system report from the receiver to support@emlid.com. I’ll check the modem logs to see if there are any disconnection traces. It’d be great if you could point out the date and time you observed this behavior.

You can also try connecting the receiver to a more stable internet source to see how it works in this configuration. For instance, a Wi-Fi network.

we do not use emlid products for our rovers/receivers, did you mean the base?

if so, should I wait until the issue occurs again and then collect the logs or would the logs accumulation be large enough to retain logs from when it last happened (2-3 weeks ago)?

on the same note, is there a way to remotely access reach rs2+ while it’s on its own network? our base resides in a hard-to-reach area and remotely accessing it would allow us to troubleshoot with it much easier.

unfortunately, the main reason we use the mobile network is that there is no other internet sources available where the base is located.

Hi Stephen,

Yes, I meant the RS2+ base.

I believe it’s better to wait if it occurs again, and then send us the Full system report.

If you connect the receiver to the internet via a SIM card, the most suitable way for remote access is a SIM card with Static IP. These are usually issued by carriers for legal entities, so you’ll need to check this opportunity with your provider.

Hi Kirill,

I see, I will keep a close eye out for the issue and try to get that full system report to you. Should I post it in this thread or is there an email I should send it to?

to clarify, accessing the IP address of our sim card in the reach rs2 will allow us to access the reachview web app and potentially more?

It’s better to send it to support@emlid.com since it contains sensitive data.

You won’t be able to manage it through Emlid Flow because it uses the Wi-Fi network to connect, but Reach Panel should be accessible. You’ll need to type this IP address into the address bar of your browser to open Reach Panel.

Hi Kirill,

Gotcha will do that then - thanks!

I gave this a shot, but it does not seem to have worked as I hoped. I turned off the setting regarding securing reach panel in our reach rs2 settings and we use a custom service with our sim cards that provides their IP address. Is there another setting I should be adjusting?

Hi Stephen,

What is that service? Does it assign static IP addresses to the SIM card?

I think we can proceed with the further investigation via email since this requires sensitive data. Please write us to support@emlid.com, and I’ll be sure to pick up your email.

Hi Kirill,

I see, sounds good - I’ll reach out to that email.