Emlid caster multiple bases

When using multiple permanent bases that are relatively near each other do the bases all transmit corrections to the rover or only the “mount point” base. I assume you should set up the bases in manual mode with coordinates you got from a long logging session from OPUS, but should you also set up each base to continue receiving corrections from each other? Would this let the rover achieve a better or faster solution? Thanks and sorry for the newbie question.

Only the mountpoint

Yes, that is one way to do it.

No, Unless the base is continuously moving, the base station should not receveive correction when its confimed it has been set with correct coordinates at a given location.

No. The rover is as accurate as the correction data its fed with. The base will perform at its best when its static over a known point with the correct coordinates and good clear sky view.
The closer the rover is to the base, the better the accuracy.

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Just wanted to confirm @TB_RTK words! I couldn’t have said it better.

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Just to clarify–that means that the only RTN method available is Single Base, correct?

These options are not currently implemented?

I would not expect them to be; however, Emlid has a habit of pleasantly surprising me so I thought I would ask :slight_smile:

Hi, this would require special software, a computer and multiple Bases to implement a VRS solution like this one provided by E-Survey.

Windows - VRS Management Software

GNSS.NET is the software to combine multiple base stations as a network providing VRS service. It includes functions such as station management, user management, physical base station data transmission, VRS service, coordinate system transmission…

The system includes two parts GNSS.NET Reference Data Process Center and GNSSCaster. The first part software is used to manage reference stations and connect all stations as a network to provide VRS service. The second part software is used to create mountpoints and manage user accounts.

Here’s another possible solution

Smart VRS Positioning

Build your own VRS Network and start selling subscriptions to your customers. Our NTRIP Caster software comes with a VRS solution that can generate a Virtual reference station near you.

VRS Positioning

Provide a high performance solution with our VRS positioning solution. Our VRS creates a virtual hotspot near the user for better accuracy and performance


Hi @Jaccen,

I agree with @mark1st.john’s comment: all of these mentioned protocols require specific software and are not supported by Caster. They’re all network RTK protocols whose implementation considers more complex computations on the server side. Сurrently, Emlid Caster uses a single base method.

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