EMLID caster multi rovers problem


I’m using Emlid RS2 as a base station sending corrections to multiple rovers over NTRIP Emlid Caster.

Emlid casters clearly states that I can connect up to 10 rovers at the same time. However, only one rover works at same time. If I connect more than 1 rover, only one will be able to connect. The rest will never connect.

I’m using this same credentials for all rovers. Am I missing anything here? Did anyone have the same issue before?

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Hello, this sounds weird, I had to check the caster.

On my side I have no issue connecting multiple NTRIP clients (ie. multiple rovers). I tried with 4 STRSVR instances.

I can see on the Emlid caster page I do have 4 rovers up.

What is limited to one is the NTRIP server stream on one mountpoint (“one base per mountpoint” thing). That is why you have 5 of them in the base section of the caster page.

Could you please share some screenshots of your configuration, base and rovers ?

That is exactly what I would expect.
I have one base (one mount point) and 2 rovers connecting at the same time through NTRIP EMLID Caster.
Below is an image of my caster.

Hi Layth,

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