Emlid caster dashboard displaying incorrect information

Hi all,

I have been facing an issue recently with my emlid caster dashboard displaying incorrect information. I’m not sure how long it’s been happening, but at least the past few days since I first noticed it yesterday.

all of my devices can properly connect, publish to, and receive from the caster but the caster dashboard is showing all my devices as offline w/ no clients connected. Does anyone know why this is happening? The dashboard seemed fine a couple of weeks ago, so not sure what is happening since I haven’t updated anything in more than a month

if its relevant, we use emlid reach rs2 and rs2+ as base station while using non-emlid clients

Hi Stephen,

We’ve received similar reports to yours in recent days, and our devs are already investigating the possible causes. It appears to have no effect on the operation of Emlid Caster, so you can use it as is. I’ll notify you as soon as we find a solution!

Hi Stephen,

Our development team has updated the Emlid Caster, and the issue with the incorrect status should be resolved now. Could you please confirm that everything works fine now?


yes, the issue has now been resolved, thanks!

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