Emlid caster compatibility with 3rd party base kit

I see where SparkFun has released an RTK reference/base station:

It seems very economical. I was hoping Emlid would have created a comprehensive solution kit similar to this - at a similar price point.
Nonetheless, would this product be compatible with the Emlid caster and my Emlid receivers?


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for your question!

It can work with our Caster if the device can send the corrections over NTRIP. Our Caster just transmits the corrections that are being sent to it. So, the main question is whether the equipment can do that.

As for the integration with Reach, you need to check what RTCM messages it provides. To calculate the solution, Reach needs at least the Reference Station ARP (1006) and the GPS observation data (1004, 1074, 1075, or 1077) messages.


I guess I have some homework to do. :smile: :smile: :smile:
Thanks for the response Liudmila


Glad to be of help! :slightly_smiling_face: