Emlid Caster Base Map

Are there plans to create a map for all or voluntary Emlid caster base locations?
Imagine working beyond the range of your own Emlid caster base and being able to log on to someone else’s available rover channel.
Or being able to contact the administrator ahead of time to make arrangements to piggyback on his available channel with your receiver.

Hi Adrian,

Sorry that it’s so quiet in this thread.

Agree, it sounds quite handy. Reminds me of the idea of the RTK2Go. But you know, the thing with such services is that as they’re open for everyone to share the data, nobody can guarantee its quality. And that’s the tricky part since we want all our products to be steady and reliable. So, currently, we don’t have plans to turn Emlid Caster into Service.

Still, if you want to build your own network, we provide Emlid Caster Pro. It combines features of both NTRIP caster and NTRIP service and may take over managing your base stations, clients’ access, and connections. More info on Emlid Caster Pro is in its docs.


Thanks for the response Julia

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