Emlid can't pass through time sync after rain

Hello, Did anyone experience this before. We have our base emlid rs+ in the rain during midnight while collecting for long base for ppk. Maybe we shouldn’t do that but it is stated the unit waterproof hence we didn’t feel alarmed.
However after retrieve the unit we have hard time to get it on. And once on the Led just blinking and can’t pass through the time sync.


Hi @ting.kingking,

Please, contact us at support@emlid.com with the unit’s Serial number (here’s how to get it) and order details. We’ll see how we can help you.

Thanks Tatiana, I have sent the serial numbers to Kirill @ support.emlid. I tried firmware flashing but not success. Appreciate for your prompt assistance please as we are on site but our plan stalled due to this unit down.

@ting.kingking, I have checked your communication with Kirill. Could you please also drop us the date and number of the order in an email?

Thanks Tatiana, i had drop the requested info via email. Looking forward to hear from you.

Maybe this advice is a little late or it can be useful in the future… if it looks like rain while using my M2’S (they’re in a water proof bag, antenna I don’t worry about), RS2 or our Javad receivers, I put a quart or gallon Ziploc bag over the receivers.

I don’t care if it’s rated weatherproof or moisture proof, I’m not letting my thousands of dollars worth of GNSS receivers get wet. Besides, I don’t work in the rain and don’t allow my employees to.

Doesn’t interfere with any signals and is waterproof !


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