EMLID-Branch for Odroid C1Plus / C1+

Hello there,

have somebody port the emlid to the new Odroid-C1 Plus board?
The emlid for C1 dont work fine. The board reboots endless at startup.


I thought about to buy one, because this board seems the better choice.
The SD card slot of the Pi is not very reliable and the memory throughput of the Odroid is much better.
Does someone know what’s the problem with the Odroid? I guess, it is still the RCInput?

The things keeping the support are RCInput (due to the scarce datasheet) and buggy I2C driver.
We got a little busy with the Reach development and production so had to pause the work on Odroid-C1.

Now that Reach has been successfully developed, will Emlid activate the work to support Odroid-C2?

Odroid-C2 does not have SPI onboard, so we will not be able to support it