Emlid big $ale?

When is the next big $ale? Deeeep discounts on RS2? Free shipping? Any PROMO codes?


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Why should a company ever announce upcoming discounts? That would basically stop their immediate cash-flow, and lower their profit. Emlid’s products are already way cheaper than the competition, so no real reason to lower prices, as customers are already willing to pay.


Oh no. : (

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Electronics shortage is still raging, I do not expect to see many tech sales for some time.

China even raised prices on there knock off Arduino nanos, tough times. Prices for usually easy to acquire components have gone bizarre.


Hi Tim,

No such plans currently. But to be aware of our discounts, you just need to check this forum from time to time. All news is posted here!


I’ve just thought that we also have Instagram and Facebook group. In case social media is your way to follow the news :slightly_smiling_face:

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Amazon has sale days posted in advance. There is also 11.11 sale days. No difference. People will buy pro equipment when they need them and not wait for discounts. The discounts are just a fraction of what they would earn from a project where the equipment will be used.

Won’t ever find deals for RS2 or the products themselves on Amazon. Maybe Ebay, but prices are still jacked up there too since hard to get now again.

Seems the educational discounts removed also?


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The best price is whatever price its at today.

The micro chip shortage is about to get even more intense. There now is a shortage of neon gas used in the lithography of the silicon wafers. 54% of world supply has vanished.

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