EMLID base time two hours behind the rover time

The RINEX files from the base station (UTC) are two hours behind the rover RINEX files (UTC+2) .
May anyone suggest a possible method that could be used to rectify this problem. Perhaps it could also be something I am missing on the Emlid base station settings?

The rinex files should be synced to GPS time, both of them.
Can you share your rinex data (or the headers, to start with)?

I have shared a link with the base rinex files.

Do you also have the matching rover file?

Yes ,the rover file is a (.sbf) file produced from a Wingtraone UAV
I have also attached the link below:

For me, the rover data is inside the interval of the base:

2022 02 14 07 40 59.6020000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2022 02 14 10 23 59.3950000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

2022 02 14 08 23 35.1000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2022 02 14 08 42 24.9000000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

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I think I had attached the wrong rover file… I am sorry about that!!
I have attached a new one.

In that file the header looks like this:
2022 02 12 07 55 27.5000000 GPS TIME OF FIRST OBS
2022 02 12 08 11 06.6000000 GPS TIME OF LAST OBS

That is 2 days before the base file was recorded? Have you downloaded the right log ?

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Hi @tinevimbo37,

Thanks for sharing the logs!

I can confirm Christian’s findings. The first log from the rover matches the time interval of the base, while the second is recorded two days earlier.

Please clarify the exact date and time of the logs collection.

I’ve also checked the quality of the base’s raw data. It looks noisy. Please note that Reach RS+ as a single-band receiver should have a clear sky view and no large obstacles nearby for the best observations.

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