Emlid Base and Trimble Rover

Has anyone succesfully used a trimble rover with an emlid base and had more than GPS/GLONASS constellations on their Trimble rover? Our Emlid base has full constellations (30-40 satellites) but the only way to get lock on our Trimble is if it only uses GPS/GLONASS (i.e. 10-12 satellites). It limits the amount of GPS work we can do in vegetation


Do I get it right that when you use the full set of constellations on Trimble, it loses the FIX solution?

Have you checked which RTCM3 messages are enabled in the Base settings? Galileo and Beidou MSM4 should be enabled to send their ephemeris to the rover.

Thanks for the response. You’re correct, all of the MSM messages are sent from the emlid base. Corrections can either be broadcast from nTrip connection or an external radio connection but it’s the same result.

If I accept all constellations on the trimble then fix drops out. If I change the messages on trimble to only accept GPS and Glonass then I get fix but only from 10 or 11 satellites.

What firmware are you running on the Emlid?

Initially tested it on version 29. Updated last week to fw 30.1 and still the same scenario.

Is your Trimble fully unlocked. I have one that tracks Beidou and Galileo, but does not use them in solution because of the unlock paywall.

The Trimble fee to unlock is more than an RS2

Yes our trimble units are fully unlocked. We have two trimble units and when I use a trimble base with a trimble rover I have full constellations. But when I use an emlid base with a trimble rover I can only achieve RTK fix using GPS/Glonass.

Hi @strsi681 ,

Can you show the screenshot from the RTCM3 messages table including legacy messages? You can expand it by tapping Show legacy messages.

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