EMLID b33 vs Github b33


I am trying to use rtklib in CLI mode by using the app rnx2rtkp. The GIT version is b33 downloaded from https://github.com/tomojitakasu/RTKLIB/tree/rtklib_2.4.3 .

I compared the result the rtklib b33 version downloaded from https://files.emlid.com/RTKLIB/rtklib-qt-linux-b33.zip.

On same data set I got over 96% Q=1 when using the Emlid b33 code. Using rnx2rtkp from github I got 4.8% Q=1.

So I save the configuration I used on the Emlid b33 version and used with the -k` option in rnx2rtkp`` to make sure the configuration is identical when I use both the Emlid and the CLI version. I still saw the same differences mentioned.

Any pointers on this issue?


Hi @gast,

Our RTKLIB version is tuned for our receivers and may differ from the original one. That’s why we recommend processing RINEX data from Reach receivers in our version.

understood @tatiana.andreeva. Just wondered if there is a CLI version of your Emlid distributed rtklib?


Hi @gast,

We have the version with the graphical user interface only.

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