Emlid and SouthPAN

SouthPAN is now open to the public in Australia and New Zealand. Does anyone know about or have early experience with getting SBAS corrections on Emlid receivers?

Hi @BucolicBison,

Reach receivers can track SBAS satellites, but they don’t support SBAS corrections. To obtain accurate coordinates, RTK or PPK is needed.

Thank you for the info Kseniia. SouthPAN offers PPP L5 corrections that are reportedly as good as 10cm. Surely this is accurate enough for numerous use cases that Emlid users are involved in. There is no plan to support this technology?


Haven’t heard about such plans yet, but I’ll double-check it with the team and let you know!

No worries. The Service Definition document linked on this webpage should help.

Hi @BucolicBison,

Thanks for your patience! I’ve checked that we don’t have any specific plans for SouthPAN corrections support right now. But I’ve shown your request to our devs so that we can think of having it in the future.

I’d like also like to see this implemented for the emlid reach rs2. I have multiple units and the training process for people without a spatial background for RTK is fairly significant.

Pretty disappointing response from Emlid, eh James?

Sad that they were unaware of SouthPAN even though it’s been in development for years. Worse that they have no plans to implement world best SBAS into their systems. I will not be investing any more money into these devices with such poor development and support. There are several external receivers that are already supporting the PPP signal that cost far less than an Emlid. Best of luck.

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing your needs with us! I’ve added your request as +1.


We’re always open to users’ feedback. It’s the most valuable source showing how we can develop our receivers.

Right now, we are focusing on RTK and PPK – these technologies are a great help in surveying since they provide centimeter-level accuracy. SBAS corrections is another huge direction. And I understand that it could be handy if decimeter-level accuracy suits you.

Implementing SBAS support is not an easy task, and it requires thorough research. But it doesn’t mean it’s not possible at all. So, I’ve passed all the details you’ve shared to the team for further consideration.