Emild studio 1 - What is a difference between Drone data and Kinematic processing

Dear all,
I struggle to figure out what is a difference between Drone data and Kinematic processing in Emild studio.
I am trying to process PPK using rover data from Reach M+ (mounted on dron) and base data from our local net.
When I processed using Kinematic processing tab I get 100p FIX solution but using the same files I get only 73p FIX when doing the same in Drone data tab…

Any Idea?

Thanks Jakub

Hi Jakub,

Welcome to the community forum!

Basically, there is no difference in calculation algorithms in these two modes.

Do you use the same settings in both processing? If so, please share your data with me. I’ll try to process it as well.


Hi Julia,
you are right sorry… I had different setting … Kinematic was set with SNR mask 20 instead of 35, from some reason…
Is there some more detailed documentation what does SNR mask affects in term of final accuracy of the solution?

Thanks a lot Jakub


That’s alright :slight_smile:

SNR mask filters the satellites used for calculating a solution. The default value of the SNR mask in Emlid Studio is 35. In most cases, processing with it works just fine.

Sometimes, for example, if the number of satellites is not large, you can lower the SNR mask to include more satellites in calculations. In other cases, you can exclude some data from processing by raising the SNR mask. There is no general rule for it as it always depends on the data. But I’d say that it’s the main benefit!

At the moment, we don’t have a separate guide about it. But we’ll consider adding it to our docs, I see it may be pretty helpful. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


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