Emild has fixed my problem and hopefully they never use DHL again for shipping

After several weeks of back and forth Emlid has finally refunded my loss. I can say that I would of much rather received my product instead of a refund but such is life. I still have the Navio2 board to use with my Drone but will now have to find a different RTK solution to my problem. Does anyone in Canada have a Reach RTK they would sell?

Thanks Denis at Emlid for being patient and actually taking the time to look at the documents I provided on this shipment. Without your assistance I would have not received a refund and I would be out all of the money. I just wish the outcome would of been me receiving the Reach RTK units I ordered.


How did you pay for the Item? CC or paypal have way more power than you to influence sellers to work with you because these companies will force them to workout the problem.


This is not what we told you, we told you that we are trying to find out what has happened. This is the exact quote from our email exchange:

Please understand, that I’m doing my best to help with the issue, however I cannot just ignore DHL docs and refund the items immediately. I ask you to help me with this because our communication with DHL through the shipping provider is terribly slow. I can guarantee you will not be left high and dry, but I should also ask you to be patient, because I cannot make it this fast.

The complication is that technically DHL confirmed delivery of the goods and this is why PayPal declined your claim. We are doing our best to resolve this and appreciate your patience.

If DHL does this sort of tricks, we are going to offer different delivery method to our customers.

Really sorry that you have to go through all this.

I would appreciate if we keep the communication through support channel as this forum is not the proper place.


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Package loss is normal. Happens sometimes. There was a time when I lost 2 during some month by dhl.

I will back up Emlid on this one. They have taken care of me with hardware and software issues as I have stated before in another post. Sorry to hear your package got lost. I had USPS loose a package for two months, never got any indication they were looking for it and one day it showed up randomly. Understand that the documentation shows right now your battle is with DHL and not Emlid. I don’t know where you are located but In america you can contact the better business bureau and file a claim. This is usually enough to make management fold. If they can prove it was delivered its time to file a police report for stolen goods. Again in america this is mail fraud and a think a federal felony as well. Best of luck

I too had troubles with an order being lost in transit and Emlid sorted it out. Nothing but praise from me. I hope your order shows up, the products are awesome!

I ordered my Navio2 about 2 months ago and I had issues too, (I’m not sure if the delivery was done by DHL).
I tracked my package through the supplied Tracker and it declared that the item arrived. I went to the main post office unit to pick it up and they said they don’t have it. 2 days later I went there again and ONLY WHEN I gave them the ID of the package it was found, it was weird enough but mail in my country works in mysterious ways.

I paid using PayPal and tried getting a refund using PayPal but what has happened here is that the courier company DHL that picked up the parcel does not operated in the area that I live so they sub-contracted it to amother company and gave the authority to leave the package without signature. When I ordered the Reach it was supposed to be shipped right away but ended up back ordered the the second shpiping date arrived and guess what Emlid had another excuse and it was back ordered again, so I started complaining to them on a regular basis. To shut me up Emlid offered an upgrade on the shipping which ended up costing me an extra 300 in dutiles and a lost parcel that no one wants to be responsible for.

It has been since June 2nd that DHL has lost my package and instead of helping me with this you provide the falifted documents from DHL and get yourself out of having to reimburse me. If I am lying here show everyone the proof that I am lying show them the signature that DHL claims they have on the receipt of the parcel. I have sent you proof that they sub-contracted this delivery to a local courier that left the parcel at my door even after I requested it be held at the Depot for pickup. If you cannot so documents that prove the receipt of the Reach RTK than refund me my money so that I can move on and find a company that is willing to provide me with an RTK product in time as I have contracts that are oustanding because of your company’s way of doing busineso.

See I have provided Emlid the opera unity to fix this and they told me that they had supporting documents that DHL delivered the goods so I was out of luck. I sent them the transcripts from the local courier that shows that DHL did not deliver the parcel that Muskoka Delivery a sub-contractor to DHL is the one that made the delivery and that they were gI’ve permission to leave the parcel with no signature from the shipper not the receiver. The shipper being Emlid should be the responsible one here they gave a no signature authorization not me.

I have gone to post office courier depots everywhere but nothing. Thanks

Well at this point I need to say a huge thanks to Emlid, who has helped me like 100000 times. They always answered my questions fast, and gave good answers. So I definitely can say, that what you are writing about is definitely not Emlid’s fault.

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Jason, while I can understand your frustration I don’t agree with your approach - at least from the information posted here. You accuse them of being “crooks” and make claims that you don’t back up. On the other hand they provide an excerpt from their correspondence to you which contradicts your claims and also seems like a reasonable response.

It seems to me that your beef is with DHL and/or the local sub-contractor. If it were me I’d be banging on their door and making them prove that they actually did deliver to the correct address.

Yes, I’d also want EMLID to assist as they nominated DHL but to call them crooks seems very unfair based on what you present.

As for the other responses suggesting ways and means to have EMLID pressured into replacing the items whether they are at fault or not, do you realize that the logical outcome of that approach is that the cost of the units goes up?

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The Problem is that only the submitter can ask for a proof, which emlid tried. The recepient can do nothing but watch.

I hope that you get put in the same position I got put into. The company that shipped this product was chosen by the supplier and they lost my product. How can I the consumer be responsible for the courier company. The shipping was additional to the perches and paid to the supplier. I stingy suggest learning about the laws of commerce before commenting on a post you know nothing about.

I hope one day you place an order of my size and you get to feel how it is when you are out thousands of dollars and no one is claiming responsibility.

I hope you get put into the same situation I got put into one day. Cheers

Hey I don’t want to sellmy reach boards but I would highly recommend purchasing them through www.robotshop.com. I ordered them in spring and had them within two days. I believe they are listed on emlids website as resellers. I am from Alberta Canada and that way there is no issue with overseas shipping etc. Although they may have used DHL as well:) I’m not sure.

Jason, so you are in contact with Muskoka …
And you know that it was delivered…
If you look at it from EMLID’s perspective how do they know that you are not the crook here? I am not suggesting that you are but I still think that you are fighting with the wrong party.

If EMLID had just brushed you off then you could criticise them but from their response it didn’t appear that is the case.
Where do Muskoka say that it was delivered?

As for wishing me ill luck because I dare point out that your claim that EMLID are crooks seems unfair probably says a lot about how you have dealt with this.


Hey guys,

I have contacted the DHL subcontractor and even got an email from the courier, who was in charge of delivering this order. They claimed to deliver the parcel personally to the right person on a correct address. We don’t have any proofs from the both sides of this complain, the delivery was somehow performed without a signature. Anyways, we are always on our customer’s side, this is why we took the full responsibility for this situation and fully refunded the order.

Jason, take our sincere apologies for what happened and thank you for your cooperation. I should also ask you not to wish any bad luck for anyone on this forum.
Everyone, thanks a lot for your support!