Emax ESC connection and calibration walkthrough new bie support

hello guys!! we are doing a quadcopter project for our degree course. we matched the igor’s build components list 450mm quad build except for the Qbrain 20aX4 all in one esc since it was out of stock on HK. so we replaced it emax 4 in 1 esc. Im confused with the connection part please help

help needed
1.connecting those servo leads of emax to what?
2.calibration part?

Seems like FS-IA6 does not have PPM output. You either need to change transmitter\receiver pair or to use PPM encoder. PPM output from the receiver or encoder should be connected to PPM input port on Navio.

Those leads should be connected to Navio RC output channels.

yup got it what about the ESC servo rail connection to reciever?

ESCs should not be connected to the receiver, they should be connected to Navio RC outputs.
Plug 3-pin connector according to the coloring and marking on Navio (black is GND, red is +V, white is signal), 1-pin connectors should go into signal pins of RC outputs.

Can you send me the link of ppm encoder which is suitable for my reciever?

Almost any, e.g. this one:

ok could you assist me till I complete my first flight with quadcopter?