Ellipsoidal height: problem

Hello everyone, I have a problem in detecting the heights of a point.

I have an Emlid RS2 connected to the Italian national network for the correction of measurements with centimeter precision.
For my topographical surveys I use a 2m high pole, the total fifth height is 2.134m
(image1: Dropbox - height.PNG - Simplify your life )

The ReachView 3 application is version 7.4 for iphone.

When I go to a known point, the ellipsoidal height of which is 92.33m
the ReachView3 app detects an altitude of 89,630m
(image2: Dropbox - rilievo.PNG - Simplify your life)

while when I go to Receivers / Status, the height is 91,774m
(I had a PDOP of 2.5, which is why I didn’t have a value close to 92.33 from measurements made by government agencies).
(image3: Dropbox - status.PNG - Simplify your life)

In all the measurements that I detect with the RV3 app there are always about 2m missing from the correct measurement, as if the application did not consider the 2,134m of the pole I use. I don’t understand why in the status of the receiver there is an ellipsoidal height while when I take the measurement of the point another one about 2m lower appears?

Does anyone have my problem? Thank you

Hi @Liden75,

Welcome to the community forum!

In the Status tab, you see the height of the Reach RS2 antenna phase center. At the same time, the Survey tab shows the height of the point on the ground. The difference between these 2 values is exactly the antenna height – 2.134 m.

So I think ReachView 3 considers it correctly, but there is still a mismatch in the data. Let’s investigate why it occurs.

  • What is the coordinate system of your ReachView 3 project?
  • What is the coordinate system of the known coordinates of the benchmark?
  • What is the datum of your NTRIP base?

Also, please share the CSV with measurements of the benchmarks and their known coordinates with me so that I can check them.

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