Elevation points in stakeout

Hi friends, I have a question.

I am using wgs84 and egm2008 in my projects.

Today, I have done an stakeout of some points, and I see thath cut or fill number in reachview 3 is so big, for example, in a point the reach view 3 indicates 11.50 meters fill!!! And I know in the field that diference is about 1.50 m max 2.00 m.

It is possible that I have a mistake in my configuration? I have my base in kinematic, with manual coordinates and elevation. I have type the elevation of my base.


I assume the elevation you entered came from field control? Do you know what the geoid separation is? We run into this a lot in construction where the ground benchmarks provided in the plans do not match the world. The amount you are off is more than I would expect in this scenario but it’s the first thing I always check.


Tks Michael, it was precissely that situation. The project architect designed the project with non real elevations. I think the architects should to contract quality surveying jobs, to avoid this mistakes.

Thank you for your response.


Yeah, I’ve never quite understood why they expect us to convert a 100-ft finish floor to 762. You know what I mean. In my opinion it’s just the old way of doing things that they are stuck in. They have to have a survey before they can start a conceptual site plan right? :thinking: