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I’m playing around with PPK using a reach unit I put out in the middle of yard and a base station rinex data from the local dept of transportation base station maybe 15km away.

Question: In RTKpost if I set elevation mask to 20 I get Q1 fix data but if I make it 15 I don’t.
Doesn’t making the elevation mask less mean it uses more satellites? Why would increasing the mask make it be able to fix better?

You may have interference or multipath in the lower end, which is usual.
In RTKpost, the are a smal crosshair beside the rover file path, hit that and a new window open. Here you can analyze SNR values from dfferent angles.

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Is this the page you are talking about?
Not sure what I am looking at lol.

Yes, but change to skyplot from the dropdown , then you see it better.
There are many feature to display the info. Have a look around, this is a important tool to have.

If you reduce the elevation mask, in some cases you will probably see more satelites, but there is no guarantee the signals from those satelites will be helpful, eventually, depending on the enviroment, you will see an increase on the PDOP as you reduce de elevation mask close to horizont.

This is what i usually do. First picture show setting used for Satvis.
-Other then that, Green color is good. And red is on other end which is Bad.
-You wanna keep them as green as possible but they could be more yellow ish too.
-I also activate LLI Flag under Cycle slip, this indicates loses of lock with a satellite and loses count of the number of carrier phase cycles. IMPORTANT . Cycle slips is red strips over satellites trace and show on your timeline when it happend.


Next i open is Skyplot. Here you see at what angle your satellites are coming in and what direction.
You easly see the lower satellites have greate values od cycle slips. Due to view blocking, interference, multipath etc etc.

I can hide satellites if i want, like this

When you exclude a sat in options does it take it out of the calculations? Or just hide it off that screen?

Not from the above no, it will only hide it.
But if you fill in the same satellite nr in this section (pic under from RTKpost setting), it will not be in calculation.

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