Elevation issue in ppk processing while getting 100% Fix solution

Hello Emlid Community,

Am not able to get Elevation as required with respect to the ground control points data using reach RS2 though getting 100% fix in emlid studio . would like to understand and have some help on the data.

Hi @patelmalhar1996,

Sorry for the silence here!

Can you please share your raw data logs and CSV file with points if you used it? I’ll process them myself and get back to you with my thoughts on them. You can send the files to me via support@emlid.com.

hello @julia.shestakova ,
Thanks for your reply, i am attaching link hear(zip data) having Raw data(420Images), Rover file of drone, CORS station(Base file) and some screenshots of errors which we are facing(NEGATIVE ELEVATION VALUE WHILE PROCESSING)

Elevation error Raw data link having (ROVER, BASE & RAW IMAGES))

Also mailed you on = support@emlid.com

Hi Patel,

We’re now discussing this issue with you via email. Let’s continue our discussion there to keep all the details in one place.